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Healthy Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil


Do you want to learn to cook healthy with sufficient fat in your food? Here’s one of the healthier sources for fat-olive oil, food freshener and the healthiest extract gained from olives.

People from the Mediterranean have experienced the benefits of olive oil in their daily nutrition regime for centuries. The current scientific studies have confirmed the medicinal properties of olive oil which are famous since ancient times. Oil gained from the olive is good for preventing cardiac disease (especially cholesterol control), your stomach tolerates it well and speeds up your metabolism too.

Such an olive extract enables proper functioning and secretion of hormones in your pancreas and bladder, preventing occurrence of calcifications in the bladder. There’s also a narrow connection with decreasing the risk for colon cancer, helps with rheumatic arthritis and increased blood pressure.

Olive oil is rich with vitamins A, B-1, B-2, C, D, E and K as well as iron. Also, the high percentage of antioxidant substances found within enable decreased blocking of arteries and the free radicals influence vein and blood cell damage. With such an antioxidant structure the olive oil slows the aging process of cells and tissue. “The oil of beauty”, as it’s often called, provides soft tender skin as well as greater elasticity to the skin tissue.

Mediterranean style with olive oil

There are many types of cooking oil, even in the wide palette of olive oils. What’s the difference? Animal fat contains saturated fatty acid which increases cholesterol. Oils gotten from plants, seeds, vegetables and hard-shelled fruits contain unsaturated fatty acid which decrease both saturated and unsaturated fat in your blood. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acid which balances the level of “bad cholesterol” and increases “good cholesterol”.

When you need to choose cooking oil, especially olive oil, here’s what you need to know! Extra unrefined – is presented as the least processed oil which is obtained from the first pressing of olives. Unrefined – includes a second processing, pressing of olive fruits. Pure olive oil – is even more processed through a process of filtration and refining. The extra light olive oil – is the most processed oil, only with a faint smell and taste of olives. Any oil on which “Light olive oil” is indicated upon also contains other vegetable oils.

If this changed your mind about switching to olive oil – you’ve made the right choice! Here are some tips. Store the oil bottle away from sunlight and warmth to prevent oil rancidness. Even more important, although the oil has healthy ingredients it still contains 9 calories/gram. Therefore, as with other types of oil, you need to be careful about its usage in the food.