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Artisan Bread - The Artist's Bread

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 The person behind the Artisan bread is a baker who not only has creativity but passion; Passion to create something artsy, healthy, and delicious at the same time. An artisan baker is not just a simple baker who relies on different types of appliances to simply make bread. They use their own hands and their own minds to craft something extraordinary in the form of an Artisan bread.

One of the simple touches about this artistic touch to the creation of the bread is the minimalism of ingredients. Why does it serve to be artistic when you only use five ingredients compared to other loaves which can use up to and more than ten ingredients? The reason behind this relates to the creation of something special with such simplicity, and that is the main driving force behind the success of the Artisan Bread.

Alongside the simplicity of the ingredients there is also the skill of the baker, who provides the real edge when crafting Artisan bread that bridges the gap between good and great.

The baker also requires the ability to mix, ferment, and bake a loaf of bread they handcrafted themselves. Through the knowledge they gain from creating their own bread will they then be able to create their own artisan break, through the perfection of required time, methods and environment in which they utilize in order to create the perfect bread.

Understanding the science behind the ingredients and their chemical reactions is also a key factor in better understanding the process of creating the artisan bread and this can only be garnered through experience. Skills can be learnt by anyone, but what makes these bakers special is that they know how to meld their creativity to science, and of then apply these to baking.

An artisan baker could be compared to jewelers, painters, furniture makers, and sculptors. They all have a palette of different materials based on their work. All of them combine skill with creativity which makes it possible for them to create something worth admiring and desirable. Using different raw materials, they create something new every day which helps in the process of learning.

All of these aspects apply to that of an artisan baker. Their true set of skills and creativity can be measured on how well they fuse other ingredients into the simple artisan bread and use this to create something much more special, healthy and delicious than a typical loaf of bread.

Artisan Bread - The Artist's Bread

Easily distinguished because of the name, artisan bread is simply a combination of the two: art and bread. Fuse the two together and you get Artisan Bread, in more ways than just a name. This kind of bread is not just baked but crafted, unlike the breads you see in supermarkets which are mass-produced.

Loaves from the supermarket differ a lot when compared to the Artisan bread. First off, special attention is given to the ingredients of Artisan bread; the makers of this bread pay great carefulness whilst making this bread. This is unlike the loaves which are sometimes almost done mechanically.

In making Artisan breads, the process is special. It almost goes back to the fundamentals of old-age bread making. Back then, the breads were baked without the use of any kinds of chemicals, so it was purely natural. And now, these Artisan breads are no different.

Mass-produced breads might have nearly 20 ingredients but the Artisan bread can only consist of up to five. Simplicity makes it much more special, since it’s actually healthier compared to breads that consist of preservative and unnecessary ingredients.

The building blocks of Artisan breads are flour, water, yeast, and salt. The fifth ingredient may vary and is at the discretion of the baker. You can choose from sourdough, eggs, and sugar, but these can be changed at any time. This is however not the place to stop. If you’re really the artistic kind, you can incorporate a lot of other ingredients for a more complex flavor.

Additional ingredients that you may add can be very acquirable. These are: sun dried tomatoes, sliced onions, olive oil, and cheddar cheese. There are also others to choose from but the prospect of creating an artisan bread also involves the discovery of new ingredients to add to the bread.

Throughout this the process of making the bread remains the same. The ingredients are mixed, fermented, hand-shaped, and baked in a masonry ovens. Using steam is quite popular during the baking process so that the bread will have a crispy, golden brown crust – a characteristic trait of Artisan breads.