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One of the biggest problems for those new with diabetes is the diet that should change their eating habits and lifestyle in general. What should people having diabetes eat? You may find the following article useful if interested to know the answers to the previously mentioned questions. Start eating healthy right now.

Every person needs consuming a certain number of calories to perform the everyday activities. If you eat more than you actually need you will gain weight. If you eat less or burn more you will lose weight. Sounds easy? But the real question is how many calories we need on daily basis?

The number of calories depends on several factors including the sex, age, height, how active you are, weight and the number of calories burnt while you are at leisure. For instance a 35 year old woman with 70 kg and 1.52 m height who does not perform some regular physical activities needs 1500-1600 calories per day to keep the shape. So first count how many calories you need and how many calories you consume daily.
When you know the average number of calories you need the time for big decisions comes- what to eat? Which is the best food for you.

Diabetic diet plan
A diabetic diet plan is a guide that will tell you what to eat and how much is enough when it comes to your meals and snacks. Some diabetic diet plans include carb count, fat count etc. The best diabetic diet plan will help you improve the level of blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels and will help you keep your shape or lose weight if you need to.

Diabetic diet plan

People having diabetes should be careful that their diet corresponds with the insulin and other medicaments they consume. They should be active to maintain a healthy level of blood glucose.

The key to success for diabetics are to learn how to eat healthy. Healthy eating is good for the whole family not just for those suffering from diabetes. Start by asking a diet plan from your doctor who will sure give you a ready list of healthy foods.

Here is a list of the 8 best diabetic foods
1. Vegetables – Vegetables contain all the nutrients that the diabetic body needs. They are low in calories and rich with fiber. If you eat more vegetables you lower the quantity of consumed carbs which increase the sugar level in the blood and the level of saturated fats that increase the insulin resistance.

2. Fruits – Fruits are almost as good as vegetables. The antioxidants lower the rate of diseases related to the heart, eyesight and nerves. However, take into consideration the fact that the fruit still contains sugar and you should be careful not to overeat it. Eat 3-4 fruits a day and eat them fresh.

3. Beans – The best source for dietary fiber are the beans. They slower the digestion thus preventing from rapid rising of the blood sugar levels. They are so powerful that may lower the sugar level in the blood permanently.

4. Fish – The fish is baked fast and easy. It is a great source of protein and a great choice of healthy meal. Diabetics usually have high levels of triglycerides and low levels of good cholesterol. Omega 3 fat acids found in fish improve the levels of both.

5. Chicken breast – The chicken breast is an all-mighty meal. It is low in calories and saturated fats that indirectly increase the level of bad cholesterol.

6. Nuts – Nuts control the sugar level in the blood. Especially good are the almonds. Eat them raw, since baked nut contains added salt.

7. Cinnamon – If you add cinnamon to your meal the sugar level in the blood will be lowered. The nutrients present in the cinnamon help the body use the insulin efficiently and more glucose will reach the cells. Half spoon cinnamon will dramatically lower the sugar level in the blood.

8. Grains – You won`t do wrong if you start the day with grains. They are rich in fiber that will keep you energetic through the rest of the day. They will keep you full.