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How Does The Law of Attraction Give You A Child That Sometimes You Want To Strangle?

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 How many of you that have children face this situation each day: you go home and you know with certainty that you are going to argue with a child or they will give you cheek or they will answer back or they just won’t do as they are told? I certainly do. How could the Law of Attraction give us children that we sometimes want to strangle? I obviously, don’t mean literally, but they do push you to your very limits.

In reality this happens in many very normal households all around the world, but why? Is it because our children are going through a “stage” or that they have reached their “teenage years” and we just have to wait until they come out the other end? That is just plain CRAP. That is what we have been told to expect over the years and that is certainly the behaviour that we receive.

You see I can tell you that I was in that exact same situation until recently. I am lucky though and I have a wife that has wisdom beyond her years. My wife Sally, said to be one day, do you know that you are the main reason why our son behaves in this fashion. As you can expect that did not go down well with me because I did not see how I could possibly be responsible for such rudeness. Sally quite simply said “he is giving you the behaviour that you expect from him” and she was right. A preverbial light went off in my head (I must admit I wish it hadn’t because it was not a thought that sat easily with me) but she was right.

When I asked my son to do a chore then I expected him to argue with me.

When I asked my son to stop playing computer games then I expected a fight.

When I would ask him to look after his brother then I expected a debate.

Whatever the situation was, I expected the worse case scenario. Isn’t that a sad reality. In completely the opposite way, my younger son, has always been cheerful and happy. Imagine what type of behaviour I got from him? You guessed it - a happy young boy that is always a pleasure to be around. Can you see a pattern starting to form?

It is very difficult pill to swallow but we are usually responsible for

what happens around us and that includes our children as well. So you might ask, what can I do about it? The solution is so much easier than you would expect, STOP ATTRACTING IT TO YOU. You have spent all this time expecting a certain type of behaviour from your children and the universe has been giving you what you want. Yes, the Law of Attraction is responsible because that is the type of behaviour you have been attracting. This is a really important point, the Law of Attraction will attract positive and negative things into your life, it will not discriminate.

In order to change this situation you need to address what you are focussing on and change it. You need to work hard on imagining that your children will do as you ask or will do their chores without any discussion from them at all. You need to change your focus completely so that you ONLY expect great behaviour from your child. I am the first to admit that this is really a challenge to undertake, but it is crucial if you want to try and forge a lasting relationship with them.

Try to recall what your child was like at the age of 2 to 3, how they filled your life with endless amounts of joy. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, go back and visualise these moments and feel the emotion that went with them. Now if you try to focus on your child you will only feel love in your heart. I guarantee that the changes in your relationship will be remarkable.

Life as I continually say is a matter of perspective and focus. Always take on board a positive perspective regardless of the circumstance and always maintain a positive focus. If you can do this then your level of vibration will remain high and the universe will return more of the same to you.

Law of Attraction Action Step

Change your focus and visualise your child having positive interactions with you. Do this morning, night and whenever you are about to interact with the child. I promise you the change in your relationship will be nothing short of remarkable.