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Organising A Diamond Jubilee Event .. Ideas And Practical Advice

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 With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee fast approaching, many people are excited about the chance to celebrate with family or by organising an event with their neighbours. Street parties will likely be one of the most popular ways of celebrating the landmark occasion, and it's not too late to begin organising your own. Indeed, government and local councils are actively encouraging residents to apply for road closures and are trying to spark enthusiasm for further events across the country

But what are some the practical issues that you'll need to consider before holding a street party? Furthermore, what activities can you plan that will make sure that your event lives long in the memory? Here's some tips

Practical Considerations

If you're looking to hold an event in your street, then it's important first to consult with residents and businesses to ensure your event doesn't cause disruption for others. You must also apply for a road closure by Friday 18th May and ensure that access is maintained for pedestrians, residents' vehicles and emergency services. If this proves too difficult, you might want to consider holding the event in a nearby park or green space.

As long as the event is restricted to local residents, you will not need licenses for music, serving food or sharing alcohol. You're not required to buy insurance, although councils recommend that Public Liability Insurance should be purchased

Ideas For Activities

One of the easiest things you can do is to hold a Jubilee-themed 'Big Lunch' with your neighbours, allowing you to celebrate the occasion while getting to know those around you. This could be outside in the street or at a local venue, possibly involving the wider local community. You could add a traditional English touch to such an event by having an afternoon tea professionally-catered with a wide range of classic English teas on offer. Furthermore, you could hire out some vintage crockery to give the occasion a classy quality or even use a service that supplies vintage ice cream for what we hope will be a sunny day

If you'd prefer to celebrate with family in the comfort of your own home, then why not spice up the occasion by trying out some traditional English outdoor games in the garden? Activities like croquet, quoits, skittles or bowls are fun for all ages while retaining a nostalgic quality that is perfect for the occasion. They're also great for bigger community events and can act as the perfect icebreaker for neighbours who can use the occasion to build bonds with their local community

Whatever you decide to do, the rare and special nature of the Diamond Jubilee makes it a perfect chance to engage with both your local community and British history. That's why adding a vintage element is a great choice, as it is both a fun and nostalgic way to engage the community and ensure that your Diamond Jubilee memories are ones that will last for decades to come