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When it comes to our diet, snacks are not usually the thing we are proud of. What is the reason for this? What we usually do when we want to eat something between meals is buying some nutritionally empty products that are bad for our health. Let`s face it, what we usually snack is chips and candies. They are not only bad for our health but they also don`t make us feel full. Which are the benefits of eating healthy snacks? The healthy and carefully chosen snack will keep us full longer, will boost our energy and will keep us fit.

There are thousands of different `healthy` products in the supermarkets which are considered to be rich in nutrition and contain no more than 100 calories. But what is the best choice? We need both tasty and nutritious food. Have a look what the healthiest snacks have in common:

• They have enough calories to satisfy your hunger but not too much to gain weight
• They should contain less saturated fats than other similar products
• They should be wholegrain, full with fiber, protein and energy boosting nutrients.


Fresh vegetables with dressing
Slice one cucumber and one carrot into stripes and put them in a cup. Choose a low-fat dressing and dip the vegetables in it. You will enjoy this snack for sure plus it is rich in fiber and low in calories.

Nuts can make a great snack if eaten moderately. We all know the benefits of almonds but be sure not to forget the pistachios. You won`t eat many of them for sure since it will take time to take off the shell. Eat a handful of nuts a day.

Eat 5 olives of any type per day. They won`t contain more than 10 calories per piece.

Put a bag of popcorns into the microwave and they are ready in 2 min. Don`t add oil or salt since the calories will be at least doubled.


For those not willing to experiment with making low fat desserts, fruits are always the best choice. There are different types of fruits each season and it can be fun changing them constantly. All fruits are nutritionally rich. They are both healthy and will keep you fit. Don`t forget to include some fruit in your next snack.

Granola bars
There are usually 6 pieces per pack and each of them contains around 150 calories. There are many different tastes such as strawberry, chocolate, vanilla etc. Keep at least one granola bar in your bag wherever you go.

Combine dried fruit with nuts
For instance take 1/4 cup dried pineapple and 25 pistachios. You can combine peanuts with raisins, dried apricots with almonds and cherries with hazelnuts.

Strawberries dipped in black chocolate
Take a cup of strawberries and melt a bar of dark chocolate. Be sure not to melt the whole chocolate since the snack will be everything but low-fat and healthy. Once you melt the chocolate, dip the top of the strawberry in it. Do the same with the whole cup. You will be surprised how tasty the snack will be. It feels like eating something your diet does not allow to although the snack is low in fat and healthy.

Sugar Free Instant Pudding
There are several food companies that offer instant puddings. One package is enough for two servings. If prepared with low-fat milk it will contain around 160 calories, 0 fats, 0 saturated fats. 6 grams protein, 1 grams fiber and 7 grams sugar.