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Only one drop of honey contains more than a hundred different substances mainly fructose: 38.2% and glucose 31.3%. This makes honey sweet and can replace sugar. It’s easy to be consumed: just put it on bread like a jam or mix it with your favorite juice or tea.

Excellent food which improves digestion, stops diarrhea, helps in anemia and has many others beneficial effects. Because contains invert sugar which provides instant energy to the body.

It has many medicinal benefits:

-Topical honey was used in a treatment of diabetic ulcer.
-Studies have shown that honey can minimize seasonal allergies.
-Honey contains nutritional values important and effective in removing free radicals which are killers of our body.
-Honey is very useful to the body, especially during periods of cold and first signs of infections. It can be used with ginger to provide relief to who is suffering of cough, sore throat and runny nose.

One cup of tea with honey before bedtime treats insomnia.

It is also recommended during pregnancy because contains iron, folic acid, increases numbers red blood cells and hemoglobin. Women who are planning kids should eat before conception, especially in the first three mounts of pregnancy. Honey prevents from anemia, reduces vomiting and keeps mothers body healthy during pregnancy. Interesting fact is that eating honey during pregnancy and lactation enhances the child’s intellectual functions and abundance essential oils, enzymes, vitamins and minerals improves appetite in children.