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Fast Food a Highway to Slow Demise


Everybody knows the well-kept secret of consumerism society, and yet nobody speaks because everybody has their mouths full of junk food. You didn’t think fast food is actually good for, did you? It might be a relief to your pocket, but other than that, it just deceives your taste buds, and you play along. How is it that humans, with brains trained to survive, by buying junk food, buy their own slow demise? Why, you might say, we’re still alive, aren’t we? Yes, you are. Now go to the doctor’s office and ask him for how long. And take your best friend Fast Food with you.

Fast food is not made for people with no time to cook nor is it made to feed the famished. It is made for pure consumerism. To make you drool at the mere look at a juicy hamburger and French fries slowly dipping in mayonnaise on TV commercials and to make you fly to your car and find the nearest fast food restaurant and indulge in that mouthwatering taste of sinfulness.

Still, grocery stores that sell fresh fruit and vegetables are nowhere to be found. With organic and healthy food being more expensive, we tolerate health hazards and ignore health in general. If you’ve had the misfortune to live in the so-called “food desert”, of course you wouldn’t drive additional miles to buy healthy food. Why not just get a huge fast food meal with huge fries and a huge coke and you’re good for the day.

As a result, health conditions, strokes, diabetes, obesity (yes, it is a disease) appear. Especially in food deserts where the nearest grocery store is in the next state. If, by any chance, you do live near one, take a look at the fruits and vegetables in the regular, non-organic section. Genetically modified, made to look perfect, and the price is just right.

fast food

Go ahead, pick it up and take a step ahead to your slow demise caused by one of the things that should be keeping you alive in the first place, after oxygen. In the race for profits, companies create a monopoly and gather together to control what people buy and eat. Today, there are fast food chains all over the world. Luckily, in poorer countries the food in those fast food chainsis expensive, most probably because the brands are imported.

By the way, those crunchy French fries and chicken nuggets, that juicy patty, and that bubbly coke you see on TV? They all have make-up on to make you admire their beauty. Have you ever gotten a burger as thick as on TV? Of course not. Do you genuinely believe that if you buy a large meal and drink they will give you proper nutrition? Definitely not. The only thing you’ll gain from them is additional weight.

There is a serious need for change. A change in the food system, a change in mentality or in both. Instead of the “fast food, slow demise” truth, it should be “slow demise of fast food”. Or fast demise. Supersonically fast. To the point of extinction.

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