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Having breakfast is not usual. We don’t have time or we think that we will lose weight by skipping it. But this is so wrong opinion. Why? Here are several reasons:
Healthy breakfast means healthy body wake up It is Essential for body energy during a day. Eating appropriate breakfast controls your body weight, provides you with vitamins, fibers and minerals. Eliminates distraction and keeps you in good mood. Even if you don’t have too much time, there are many ways and quick options for doing it.

Start your day by combination of these healthy breakfast options:
1. Cereals with milk.
2. Peanut butter or eggs.
3. Milk products: Goat cheese, yogurt, low fat milk.
4. Fresh juices or fruits.
Advantage of having healthy breakfast at home:
Having breakfast with the family has many advantages: it is educational for children which will learn that breakfast is crucial. You can also have a talk about daily plans and some issues you have.
Just shout down TV, mobile phones while you have breakfast and relax before you start your working day.
So why skipping it, it can be more than pleasure.